Blessing from earth, sea, mountain and encounter to the people.

Long time ago, there were so many salmons came up to the river which is running through the town of Teshikaga.
The Ainu who are the native people in this area used to dry these salmon and ate it throughout the year.
In Ainu language, this salmon drying place is called "Kuma-Ushi".
Later the Japanese applied the Chinese character to express the word "熊牛"because their pronunciation is almost same.
Old story says this is the place many Ainu people gathered and engaged the trading for salmon with the food from sea, mountain, river and like decorations for clothing. We learned this old story and decided to use this name for our restaurant.
Current location around south Teshikaga was the place for drying a salmon. We named our restaurant "Kuma-Ushi" simply because this name means old gathering place so we are hoping this restaurant to be the one popular spot for many people to meet and communicate.

We use our local foods grown in around Teshikaga town as much as possible.

We have 2 main dishes, pork bowl and Mushu Soba buckwheat noodle.
Our pork bowl use very tasty Hokkaido pork come from the pigs raised in very cold environment. Our Mashu Soba is made from buckwheat which is coarsely grounded every morning and handmade to soba daily.
"Kitsune Soba" with deep-fried tofu made by traditional tofu shop is our best recommendation Soba.
We will continue to develop our foods based on the knowledge and learning from where we live.
We believe our foods traditionally had been come from our surrounding area and existed close to us.